Welcome to The Curl Shoppe!

...there is something here for every Curly Girl!

This online store was initially created for curly girls who have taken one of my live or online Curl Classes. You may have found your way to this store via your subscription to my blog or through a friend. It is my pleasure to now open the store up to more Canadian Curly Girls so I can serve as many of you as I can!  Every product in this store comes personally recommended by Krista, have extra tips in each description, and are all “Curly Girl Method” approved.

If you have not yet visited the salon or attended one of my classes due to distance, but would like to learn more about your curls; book yourself an online Curl Class to gain knowledge, empowerment, and a membership to Krista's exclusive and very private Facebook Curl Club Members Group.

As a bonus, if your SUBtotal of any orders is over $250,  you will receive access to this exclusive community of like minded (and like haired!) Curly Girls. Check your email after placing a qualifying order for details on how to join us.

Just a reminder, shipping is available exclusively in Canada and with all subtotals over $100, my business will pay your shipping!

If you’re unsure of what to order, add the “Five Minute Phone Call” to your cart for a complimentary product consultation. Think your questions might take more than five minutes? Click here to book your Online Curl Class or your in-salon class in Kingston.